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Gestational Carrier

Gestational Carrier/Surrogacy Program


A gestational carrier is needed for couples where the female partner cannot carry a pregnancy in her uterus. In gestational surrogacy, the woman carrying the pregnancy is in no way biologically or genetically related to the child she is carrying. She is providing an environment for the embryo to grow, ideally for 40 weeks.

Ideal Gestational Carrier

The ideal gestational carrier meets the following criteria:

  • Must have previously given birth to at least one child
  • Between the ages of 21 and 41
  • Good physical and mental health
  • Non-smoker; does not use drugs
  • Healthy weight and normal BMI
  • History of healthy pregnancies with no complications
  • Financially stable and not on any form of public assistance
  • Should have had no more than 5 vaginal deliveries and no more than two C-section deliveries

Gestational Surrogacy Timeline

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