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Procreate in the News

Nov 1st: Paying for baby: a new procedure costing half the price of IVF

Financial burdens such has car payments, home mortgages, and student loan expenses are already overwhelming enough. Add in fertility treatments such as IVF, and that alone can be financially impossible for many who struggle with infertility.

“They have a right to have a child like everyone else.” – Christian Perez, MD

Thank you WTKR News 3 for covering such an important topic and sharing how couples may have hope in this new, more affordable IVF INVOcell treatment.

If you missed it, here is the recent news segment featuring Procreate and one of our own beautiful patient couples.

Sept. 29th: New, cheaper IVF method now available in Hampton Roads grows embryos in a device in a woman’s body

Procreate has been recognized in the Virginian Pilot for our success with the INVO IVF treatment!

Click here to read more about it here.